1 May. 2016

Alainé Group believes in the future and both the figures and what’s actually happening on the ground point towards good growth prospects for all our divisions. First of all, we must highlight the landmark attendance of the group at SITL which took place from the 22nd to the 25th March at the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre. To celebrate the group’s 70th Birthday we invited fifty of our most important customers to the show – an excellent opportunity to promote all of the different things we do. The response was well above what we hoped for. We were able to meet new prospects and deepen our relationship with existing customers so they could see everything the group has to offer and the complementary strengths of our business units. All of our visitors were decidedly impressed and our intention remains stronger than ever to build the group from organic growth of our four key business areas.

Looking at the figures, in 2015 we achieved a total group turnover of more than €211M. This is a major milestone never reached before, representing growth of nearly 9{4bfadb41ce9884c08b128a83b2f225a86b447b2ad0aa0b21989c112e13e92def} in line with our objectives. A very sold achievement given the current economic situation.

The Logistics business in particular was boosted by the giant footwear and leather goods company Gémo which established key supply-chain operations in a new 6000 m2 facility at our Nantes site. A 3 year twin contract has been signed covering Logistics and Transport, with a long term view of our customer approach.

This reassuring news shows more than ever that the cross-disciplinary capability of our businesses, the motivation of our teams and our willingness to continuously embrace new processes, positions us as a major, solid and competitive player bridging the present with the future in a transparent and reliable manner.