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Ensuring the integrity of your goods


Alainé pays close attention to the specific features of your goods and provides appropriate anchoring and handling equipment. Following your specifications, Alainé Logistics staff can implement manual or automated container loading and unloading procedures to ensure the integrity of your cargo.


  • Expert checking of containers prior to loading : smell, floor humidity level, absence of light, waterproofing of doors.
  • In collaboration with the Group’s Overseas Division, booking with shipping companies, on-site container checking, removal of empty containers, off-loading of containers at loading points, principal transport, online tracking of operations (OPTIDOCK), customs and port formalities.
  • Bulk or pallet container loading : mechanized (tipper, pusher, push-pull) or manually with wedge installation (polystyrene protection, dividers, air matress, cargo net, etc.) 
  • Tracking the various unloading steps (indexed and archived pictures)
  • IT application for creating loading and load optimisation plans taking account of the different goods constraints.
  • Over 15 years’ experience serving the most challenging customers and destinations