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anything anywhere anytime Warehousing and inventory management

The ideal package for optimised long-term inventory management

Alainé provides various logistics profiles depending on the nature of the products and their specific storage requirements. Through its ambient temperature and cold chain logistics packages, Alainé seeks to provide not only control of logistics costs and inventory levels, but also the highest levels of care for the products under its responsibility.


  • Over 210 000 m2 dedicated to ambient temperature logitics and 4000 m2 dedicated to cold chain logistics across France
  • ISO 9001 and HACCP certification for food product storage
  • Specific “China export” licence to export dairy products to China
  • Complete control of information systems with interfaced inventory management, status changes (blocked, reserved, available), quarantine and DLE warnings
  • Strategic installation and organisation of its various warehouses 
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure and technical facilities 
  • Customer space available on our web-based WMS