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anything anywhere anytime Retail logistics / Transport management (inbound & outbound)

Maintaining service quality through to your goods POS by ensuring reliable delivery

The quality of your service must be verifiable at every step in your supply chain. By trusting Alainé to organise supply shipments between your production plants, you are engaging a powerful transport and logistics engineering network capable of maximising finished goods quality while minimising price.

By including reliable delivery of your products to sales outlets, Alainé offers a comprehensive and flexible package to cover all your needs.


  • Groupage and full-load transport solutions
  • A single contact for logistics and transport of your products
  • Transport and storage conditions arranged based on the requirements of your goods (e.g temperature controlled transport, pallet distribution etc.) 
  • A booming network of international transport partners.
  • Litigation management assistance, with monitoring of service quality reports.
  • TMS with website to facilitate data flows and data consolidation