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anything anywhere anytime Cold chain logistics

In-depth supply chain expertise applied to your cold chain

Alainé strives to ensure full availability of your product without sacrificing your cold chain requirements.
Responsive and thorough when tackling seasonal variations, the Group ensures minimum costs and satisfied end customers.
Through the expertise of its cold chain teams, Alainé offers dedicated supply chain packages to limit the handling of fresh produce and ensure on-time delivery.


  • A WMS provinding full and comprehensive traceability, including BDD, expiration date, batch number, serial number or SSCC, etc.
  • Control of sub-zero (from -18°C) and above zero (0°C to 8°C) temperatures
  • Cutting edge infrastructure and technical facilities
  • Manual and/or automated processes
  • HACCP procedure and ISO 9001 certification
  • Just-in-time preparation 24 hours between order picking and shipment