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A real culture geared to industry to meet the requirements of your production


Alainé offers a comprehensive supply chain package to handle the varying volumes and priorities of large-scale industrial production, covering the stages preceding and following your logistics operations.

Providing not only effective solutions for your production line but also reliable inventory management and shipping packages for your finished goods, Alainé applies all its expertise to bring you even more flexibility in the different phases of your supply chain.


  • Guidance throughout your manufacturing process “on demand” 
  • Tried and tested responsiveness to meet changing production speeds. 
  • A warehouse network covering whole France 
  • Efficient data management systems (traceability, batch number management, OFs, serial numbers, etc.) 
  • Well designed warehousing and inventory managemnt services tailored to product types (raw materials, semi finished or finished goods) 
  • Professionalism based on ISO 9001 certification 
  • A single contact for logistics and transport of your products
  • A partner determined to limit the impact of its operations on the environment