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anything anywhere anytime Retail logistics

Guaranteeing high availability of your goods whatever your commercial requirements

Alainé concentrates on ensuring constant shelf availability of your goods based on your strategic business priorities. Fully aware of the specific production requirements of the retail sector, Alainé Logistics teams offer a wide range of services to ensure an end-to-end presence for your supply chain and thus ensure your customers’ satisfaction.


  • Availability of your products across your entire network to comply with your business goals and marketing data
  • Flexible and responsive logisitics package that gives you flexibility to organize orders according to peak periodes and promotional plans
  • Proven expertise in optimising shipments to minimise costs 
  • Efficient data management systems (traceability, batch number management, OFs, serial numbers, etc.) 
  • Various management systems (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LEFO and date contract)
  • Professionalism based on HACCP and ISO 9001 certification 
  • A single contact for logistics and transport of your products
  • A partner determined to limit the impact of its operations on the environment