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Guaranteeing shipments that your customers demand


Order picking occupies a strategic position in the supply chain because the quality of your deliveries and the satisfaction of your customers depend on it.

Well aware that your productivity concerns must be accompanied by genuine quality of service, Alainé provides tailored packages no matter how complex the requirements. Through its various order picking techniques, Alainé provides real logistics expertise that will guarantee the satisfaction of your customers.


  • Care for the quality of your products under ambient or controlled temperature. 
  • Different order picking modes, by unit, package or pallet
  • A WMS allowing the combination of several picking channels : minimising covered distances, maximising pallet loads, cargo consolidaton areas giving greater productivity in picking, order consolidation, maximising capacity by regions for splitting, etc. 
  • Specific labelling of packages on picking 
  • Varied order picing formats : picking, cross-drocking, deconsolidation
  • Various management systems : FIFO (first in, first out), LEFO (last expiry, first out) and FEFO (first expiry first out)
  • IT system expertise : standardised (HANMOV, DESADV, INSDES, INVRPT) or basic (text or CSV files) interfaces with customer input in its account on our WMS website