alainé-Métiers en-Expertise-120 cubic-metre tractor-trailers
anything anywhere anytime 120 cubic-metre tractor-trailers

An XXL solution for your special transport requirements


For your heavy road haulage requirements, Alainé provides a fleet of forty tractor-trailers that can handle exceptional weight and volume to optimise and secure transport of your goods. Backed by its domestic network, Alainé offers you flexible services to meet all your needs.


  • Rapid and guaranteed delivery times.
  • A service tailored to all business activities taking account of the specific nature of your goods.
  • Experienced drivers hose professional skills are based on training in economical and safe driving techniques
  • A complete online goods tracking service
  • Recognized experience in all transport sectors covering all types of products
  • More than 40 modern vehicles for this type of service