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anything anywhere anytime Rental with drivers

A BESPOKE SOLUTION for increased flexibility and control of your delivery costs

  • By choosing Alainé teams for your various transport requirements, you can count on an integrated, tailored package backed by the experience and professionalism of our drivers. This service is adaptable to your changing needs; the Alainé rental with driver package allows you to optimise product flows and control costs without sacrificing delivery quality.


  • Rapid and guaranteed delivery times
  • European coverage with 12 dedicated facilities
  • Total budgetary control and service suited to all business sectors
  • Driver teams dedicated to your assignments and trained in your procedures
  • Recognized experience in all transport sectors covering all types of products in all transport sectors covering all types of products. 
  • A complete online goods tracking service.
  • Transport packages tailored to product type
  • A fleet of 800 vehicles