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 Transport packages combining reliability with environmental protection

The transport requirements of the chemicals, minerals and feedstuffs industries are enshrined in the relevant health and safety, quality and environmental standards. The commitment of Alainé’s transport teams can be summed up in terms of their ability to efficiently meet industrial needs without compromising on applicable safety measures.

WHY CHOOSING alainé ? 

  • Rapid and guaranteed delivery times
  • Recognized expertise in bulk liquids and powder transportation
  • Packages tailored to the various industrial sectors (chemicals, hydrocarbons, minerals foodstuffs, semi-plastics…) 
  • Professional drivers whose professional skills are based on trainign in economical ans safe driving techniques 
  • A complete online goods tracking service
  • Total budgetary control
  • Operational procedures confirmed by ISO 14001 ans Qualimat animal feestuffs certification

A bulk transportation expertise declined in several services with strong added value