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anything anywhere anytime Special transport - Heavy lift cargo

Non-standard service for non-standard products

The technical requirements of heavy load transportation are as complex as the oversize industrial equipment involved. Providing both national and international coverage, Alainé’s heavy load experts plan loading procedures, anchoring systems and customised immobilisation methods using appropriate technology. They will also manage your authorisation applications to the relevant authorities. For every customer project, highly skilled transportation engineering is orchestrated in a comprehensive customised study of the project, regardless of the destination.


  • Rapid and guaranteed delivery times
  • Genuine expertise in special transport management
  • A highly responsive culture
  • Maximum commitment to customer’s objectives
  • European coverage
  • Experienced drivers whose professional skills are based on training in economical and safe driving techniques.
  • A highly secure track-and-trace procedure
  • Total budgetary control
  • Teams of drivers trained in anchoring techniques and management of abnormal loads
  • Support for classes I, II and III