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anything anywhere anytime Multimodal transport

Combining means of transport to reconcile cost and environmental considerations


To simultaneously ensure lower transport costs and compliance with your delivery deadlines, Alainé’s Transport Division offers various combinations of road, rail, sea, river/canal and air transport tailored to the type of goods concerned. This service is directly linked to Alainé’s Overseas Division, which means that Alainé remains your sole contact for alternative transport planning, providing complete shipment tracking, maximum security for your goods and a real reduction in the environmental impact of your transport operations.


  • Rapid and guaranteed delivery times. 
  • European coverage with 12 dedicated facilities 
  • Complete control of your budget 
  • Experienced drivers whose professional skills are based on training in economical and safety oriented driving techniques
  • Transport packages tailored to product type
  • A complete online goods-tracking service
  • Recognized experience in all transport sectors covering all types of products
  • A modern vehicle and regularly updated vehicle fleet