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anything anywhere anytime Liquid food transport

Expertise developed working with the most demanding food industry brands

The success of a liquid food transport operation depends not only on the driver’s ability to follow his transport plan, but also on the technology used by the transport company for its tanker trucks. Regular suppliers to many food industry leaders for a number of years, Alainé Transport teams develop customised solutions for reliable and secure bulk transport shipments of liquid food.


  • Rapid and guaranteed delivery times
  • Management of your domestic and international transportation
  • Business-structured in terms of tank capacity (single tank, multi-tank, sugar, compressible, washing ramp, pump…etc) 
  • Solutions for a wide variety of food products : vegetable oil, lactose, fruit juice, wine, glucose, alcohol…etc)
  • A complete online good-tracking service
  • A total budgetary control
  • Une démarche métier validé par la ISO 14001 certification
  • A team of drivers trained in the spceific requirement of the business
  • A dedicated fleet of 250 tractors and over 300 tanks.