1 June. 2017

Adapt and anticipate the challenges of our time. Midstream of this year 2017, this is how we can summarise the different advances and innovations that make up ALAINÉ Group’s current affairs.
Adapt and anticipate, because a group like ours no longer transports its customers’ freight by road only. Other transport modes – rail and river – are now part of our daily business. ALAINÉ is overtly playing the multimodal card.
Adapt and anticipate, also means being able to manage a new dimension of our profession: information. In other words, being able to exchange data easily and in real-time with our customers by developing electronic data interchange (EDI) gateways and adopting a translation system for the different formats and languages used through these EDIs.
Adapt and anticipate, also means undertaking an ISO 22 000 certification process, the international standard for foodstuffs safety, as we have an ever-increasing number of customers from this sector.
And finally, adapt and anticipate, means simplifying our administrative processes through the centralisation of customs clearance, as well as meet sustainable development requirements, by acquiring CNG- or LNG-fuelled tractors, and comply with safety constraints by signing a new road risk prevention charter. All great projects to undertake!