The food industry is still burdened by numerous standards and regulations imposed by both lawmakers and retailers. The competitiveness of food companies is therefore largely based on their ability to continuously improve their transport and logistics organisation.

This underlies the objective of the Group’s Food & Drink package developed for different food industry businesses. A customised package that adapts to the specific requirements of food producers and their suppliers. A package based on an efficient supply chain so as to ensure tight control over lead times and costs, optimise goods traceability and secure the chilled food chain.


Located at the intersection of the two major European routes
(North-South route and Rhine-Rhône and Alpine valley route)

Over 300, 000 square metres
of secure warehousing space

Ongoing monitoring of goods
using efficient tracking and information-sharing systems (Log+, Track+, Plan+…)

A process that complies with regulations
and respects the environment (ISO certification, HSE, etc.)