With the constant appearance of new products and technologies and newly invented cures, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing and subject to ever stricter health regulations. As the number of companies and suppliers involved continuously increases, the boom in this industry has led to increased outsourcing that runs contrary to a cost reduction policy.

The Group HealthCare package provides the benefit of a network located close to the major French pharmaceutical companies and operates right into town centres. Backed by a large number of dedicated storage areas and its extensive experience in chilled food chain logistics, ALAINÉ offers a global supply chain package adapted to the pharmaceutical industry’s specific features and requirements. Ranging from production to retail, the Group HealthCare package is involved in all key steps of the pharma business.


Located at the intersection of the two major European routes
(North-South route and Rhine-Rhône and Alpine valley route)

Over 300, 000 square metres
of secure warehousing space

Ongoing monitoring of goods
using efficient tracking and information-sharing systems (Log+, Track+, Plan+…)

A process that complies with regulations
and respects the environment (ISO certification, HSE, etc.)