The retail industry, which is viewed as a key driver of the global economy, must face several new challenges that are forcing the various market players to constantly seek out efficiency. A sharp expansion in offers, faster range turnover, increasingly demanding and disloyal consumers and pressure on purchasing costs are forcing a number of retail brands to send their production offshore, which therefore creates longer production and delivery cycles and information flows that are increasingly hard to manage. The trend towards multi-channel offerings in retail, due to the advent of the internet, and the diversification of retail outlet formats are separate factors that are forcing retail brands to rethink the organisational structure of their transport and logistics networks.

By developing a global solution that has been designed according to the requirements of the retail sector, ALAINÉ is focusing on offering the various operators in the sector a supply chain package to guarantee that the right product is available in the right place at the right time, at the lowest possible cost. From production to distribution, ALAINÉ offers a global package based on the strength of a cross-border transport and logistics network that goes right into city centres.


Located at the intersection of the two major European routes
(North-South route and Rhine-Rhône and Alpine valley route)

Over 300, 000 square metres
of secure warehousing space

Ongoing monitoring of goods
using efficient tracking and information-sharing systems (Log+, Track+, Plan+…)

A process that complies with regulations
and respects the environment (ISO certification, HSE, etc.)