1 Janu. 2017

These three words sum up what characterised our group in 2016 and will characterise it even more in 2017. As you will read in this newsletter, the past year was for Alainé a fine and great “vintage” that announces more to come!

In a nutshell. We have put on the tracks, in record time, a unit train from Mâcon to Fos, which heralds a regular link to the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, we have risen to the position of first river container transporter on the Rhône-Saône-Mediterranean axis, which strengthened our reputation as a major actor of multimodal transport, excelling both on road, rail and water. This year, the name Alainé will also rime with quality logistics, as four major projects to expand or build next generation platforms will either continue or be completed. At Alainé, innovation is also in our blood. Our group has indeed improved the electronic data interchange interface it uses with its main customers and has launched a 100% Alainé web portal, including our different divisions and dedicated to the interface with our main business line suppliers. Finally, in a few weeks’ time, our 800 lorries will all be equipped with removable touchscreen onboard computers, which will facilitate and accelerate the information flows with our drivers.

Without being self-congratulatory or over-optimistic, we however wish to remain a dynamic company with the strong conviction that the value of work must remain one of the essential pillars of our model along with rigour and focus on customer service.

To finish, we wish you all the best for this new year, and that 2017 will be a fraternal, luminous, appeased and tolerant year, full of health, happiness, and success for you and all your loved ones, and that this new year enables us to continue to move forwards serenely and in general fulfilment ;

We thank you all for your involvement and the work accomplished during the past year and count on you for 2017.