1 Nove. 2016

The Alainé group is motivated more than ever by our ambitions and by the promising results posted by our various branches, and at the same time, with respect to our internal policies, we are advancing a philosophy articulated around human interests, talents, and of course the transversal quality of our strengths and our projects. To achieve this, we bring together our resources as well as tomorrow’s technology to complement a brand image that is admired by our existing clients but also inspires in our prospective clients relationships of confidence sustained by early positive fiscal results, and which will be indicative of promising collaboration in the future.

Such is the case for the TOTAL group within the Overseas department, where we have launched new traffic for China. The same is true for our client APERAM for which we were able to deploy a battery of solutions intended to maximise product security during transport.

Our future is also being reformulated in our Logistics department with the extension and installation of new sites featuring ultra-performative platforms. The resulting investment will allow us in 2017 to increase our logistical surface areas by almost 30,000m2 and incorporate new clients, like LA COMPAGNIE DE BURGONDIE, a group of regional wine cellars, at the ZAC SAONEOR in Chalon sur Saône (71).

As for our personnel, one highlight is the successful integration of the various offices of Alainé Forwarding located in Europe so that henceforth we can advance a single costs and objectives policy, but also strengthen a team spirit that is more than ever united under the Alainé Forwarding banner. We’re enjoying remarkable levels of success after only a few weeks of implementation! Lastly, with great enthusiasm we welcome a new colleague, Eric DERAIN in the position of Director of Logistics and Develpment.

Now, let’s work together for the future, guided by some key words which enable us to move forward every single day. Those words are: work together for the future!

M. Michel Alainé, Président of ALAINÉ group