ALAINÉ applies a daily quality policy designed to improve its organisation and procedures in order to guarantee top quality service over the long term. Evolving since 2008, ALAINÉ’s Q-HSE charter (quality, health, safety and the environment) aims to establish customer satisfaction and operational excellence as core values guiding its various operations. This global policy includes a range of procedures designed to maintain a high level of service quality for our different services, improve staff working conditions and safety on an ongoing basis and reduce our carbon footprint.

The award of ISO 9001 and 14001 certification in 2009 has helped to promote recognition of a genuine quality culture and foster environmental awareness throughout the Group.
The renewal of ISO 9001 certification is proof of our application of a quality management system at all stages of our processes, our judicious management of staff and equipment and our introduction of procedures to measure and verify service quality. Furthermore, we underwent independent review of our procedures and operations by renewing ISO 14001 certification, thereby confirming that environmental issues are deeply rooted in the Group’s culture and can be verified through the Group’s various organisational procedures.

As another token of its commitment to sustainable development, the Group signed the ADEME Charter in 2011. This led to the introduction of a number of good practices and technologies such as eco-driving training and the systematic renewal of our tractor fleet based on the latest applicable standards.

Annual renewal of our Qualimat certification, which lists the requirements to be met for bulk transportation of products for animal feedstuffs, and the award of AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator), which confirms the customs expertise of the ALAINÉ Overseas Division, are all integral parts of our Q-HSE approach.

By committing its entire network and all supplier and service provider partners to comply with the Q-HSE charter, Alainé not only provides an effective way to boost customers’ operational efficiency while meeting their environmental awareness objectives, but also strives to implement a continuous improvement strategy for all divisions.